Fear & Addiction Come Hand in Hand

Fear & Addiction Come Hand in Hand

Fear & Addiction Come Hand in Hand

Fear is an emotion that drives as well as hinder your happiness in recovery. 

Overcoming fear is a big challenge for people with addiction, and learning how to do it alone is not something that happens easily. 

Fear is a natural emotion but can become all too consuming so being able to protect yourself from fear is a vital part of the process in recovery. If you’re not facing your fears and overcoming your fears, then you are letting them run your life.

Addicts get stuck in their addictions all too often because they are afraid, being afraid can be the thing that will keep us using our substance of choice as it keeps us from the reality and fear driven emotions that come with that. 

The thing is fear is still there you are just masking it and it will keep raising its head and growing stronger by the day.

So the vicious cycle begins, you don’t want to face the fear, but you also fear living without your substance of choice as the fear of coping without can be all too consuming.

Overcoming that fear is essential to be able to live a life in recovery. Here at Calm Rehab we have a program of discovery, education and soul searching where you will be able to uncover, discover and discard the fears that are ruining your life.

Let me help you break that cycle and show you how you can live a life free from the chains of addiction.